Alexander Kasten
Project Leader
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
DLR_Campus Neustrelitz
Augustastra├če 18a
D-17235 Neustrelitz
Tel.: +49 3981 480-204

The entire SOFIE-team

SOFIE is a project by the DLR_Project_Lab Neustrelitz and is part of the Ionospheric Services SWACI (Space Weather Application Center - Ionosphere) which is supported by the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

A. Kasten DLR, scientific assistant in the DLR_Campus Neustrelitz, Arduino & Ethernetserver, Programming
W. Andree DLR, Head DLR_Project_Lab Neustrelitz, Reference Receiver, Software Development
Dr. J. Berdermann DLR, SWACI / IMPC, Scientific Assistance
Dr. N. Jakowski DLR, SWACI / IMPC, Scientific Assistance
Dr. A. Weidermann DLR, Head DLR_School_Lab Neustrelitz
Prof. A. Wehrenpfennig HS Neubrandenburg, IT Infrastrukture
L. Heinrich Hardware Development, Server Support Service, System Maintenance
D. Wenzel DLR, SWACI / IMPC, Scientific Assistance
H. Barkmann DLR, SWACI / IMPC, IT Infrastructure
R. Seidel Teacher from Parchim, Contact to Schools

Scientific Assistance

Institute of Communications and Navigation, Ionospheric service SWACI / IMPC

Kalkhorstweg 53
17235 Neustrelitz

Dr. Jens Berdermann
Tel.: 03981 480-106

Dr. Norbert Jakowski
Tel.: 03981 480-151

Daniela Wenzel
Tel.: 03981 480-214